Options introduction

The jQuery.mmenu plugin provides a set of options for customizing your menu. The default values can be overridden by passing new values to the method.

   $(document).ready(function() {
         // options

Options are considered to be arbitrary and can be changed without breaking the plugin.

Note that add-ons might have their own set of options grouped in an object in the options.


Give it a go, change the options below and see how it affects the menu in the example on the right.

  • Use sliding submenus.
   jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ) {


Available options

Option Default value Datatype Description
1 See the description.
2 Option can also be a function that returns a valid value. Inside this function this refers to a logic HTML element.
extensions [] Array A collection of extension names to enable for the menu.
You'll need this option when using the extensions.
hooks {} Object A collection of functions to hook into the API methods before the menu is initialised.
add true Boolean Whether or not to add a navbar above the panels.
title null 1 String 2 The title above the panels.
For the main panel it defaults to "Menu", for subpanels it defaults to the text in its parent menu item.
titleLink "parent" String The type of link to set for the title.
Possible values: "parent", "anchor" or "none".
close false Boolean 2 Whether or not the menu should close after clicking a link inside it.
preventDefault null 1 Boolean 2 Whether or not to prevent the default behavior for the clicked link.
The default value varies per link: true if its href is equal to or starts with a hash (#), false otherwise.
setSelected true Boolean 2 Whether or not the clicked link should appear as "selected".
slidingSubmenus true Boolean Whether or not submenus should come sliding in from the right. If false, submenus expand below their parent.
To expand a single submenu below its parent item, add the class "Vertical" to it.

Note that add-ons might have their own set of options.

Deprecated There is a new, improved version available. Check it out on mmenujs.com

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