Lazy submenus introduction

In larger menus, with lots of sub-, sub-sub- and sub-sub-submenus, the time it takes to create the menu can be significantly reduced with the "lazySubmenus" add-on. To do so, include the "lazySubmenus" add-on .js file and use the lazySubmenus options.

   <script src="path/to/jquery.js"></script>
   <script src="path/to/jquery.mmenu.js"></script>
   <script src="path/to/jquery.mmenu.lazysubmenus.js"></script>
   <link href="path/to/jquery.mmenu.css" rel="stylesheet" />
      $(document).ready(function() {
            lazySubmenus: {
               // lazySubmenus options

Options for the "lazySubmenus" add-on

Option Default value Datatype Description
lazySubmenus A map of options or true for lazySubmenus.load.
load false Boolean Whether or not to lazy load submenus.

Configuration for the "lazySubmenus" add-on

The "lazySubmenus" add-on has no configuration options.

API methods for the "lazySubmenus" add-on

The "lazySubmenus" add-on has no API methods.

CSS variables for the "lazySubmenus" add-on

The "lazySubmenus" add-on has no CSS variables.

SCSS variables for the "lazySubmenus" add-on

The "lazySubmenus" add-on has no SCSS variables.

  • Core (on-canvas).
Works great with:
  • The slidingSubmenus option set to false.
Incompattible with:

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