New in 7.0

Introducing three sizes

Because one size does not fit all.
The new and renewed iconbar, iconPanels and sidebar add-ons now come in three predefined (but overridable) sizes: 40, 60 and 80 pixels.

Options, extensions and add-ons

We've added a few new options and add-ons.
Go ahead and check out the sidebar, iconbar, iconPanels, searchfield, navbars and backButton add-ons.

A menu on the side
With the new sidebar add-on, a menu can be fully opened or collapsed next to the page.

Icons next to the menu
Add an iconbar containing usefull navigational icons using the new iconbar add-on.

Three sizes for icon-panels
The renewed iconPanels add-on is now available in three sizes.

Hide dividers and navbars
...while a child panel is opened in the iconPanels add-on or the menu is collapsed in the iconbar add-on.

Renewed searchfield
Check out the new search panel in the renewed searchfield add-on.

Tabs in a navbar
Add tabs to a navbar with the renewed navbars add-on, great for combining multiple menus in a single menu.

Close panels
Close panels by clicking the browser back button with the backButton add-on.

Sketch design file
Download the mmenu Sketch design file and start integrating mmenu in your designs.

Custom build

The build process was completely rewritten and simplyfied for an easier and more uniform way to create a new (customized) build of the jQuery.mmenu plugin.

Bootstrap wrapper

Added in version 5.7, updated for Bootstrap 4 in version 7.0
With the Bootstrap wrapper, it is super-easy to use mmenu on a Bootstrap navbar collapse.

Give it a go, hit the orientation-icon to toggle the Bootstrap navbar.

Under the hood

Some crazy CSS changes you should probably not note at all:

  • Implemented a (sort of) B.E.M. structure for the CSS framework.
  • The CSS framework was simplyfied, using less specific selectors.
  • SCSS variables are now split up in a separate file per extension and add-on.
  • SCSS minxins are now split up in a separate file per extension and add-on.
  • Added SCSS variables to opt out of almost all CSS.
  • Styling inherits more from website styles.

The changelog

For the full list of all changes, go ahead and check out changelog page.