New in 7.1

Introducing CSS variables

With the new CSS variables
it is super-easy to customize the look and feel of your menu, without having to know anything about Gulp or SASS. Check it out


Improved support for RTL websites
Previously in a separate add-on, all additional CSS for right-to-left websites is now available by default for each core, extension or add-on.

Options, extensions and add-ons

We've added a few new options and add-ons.
Go ahead and check out the sidebar, iconbar, iconPanels, searchfield and navbars add-ons.

A menu on the side
With the new sidebar add-on, a menu can be fully opened or collapsed next to the page.

Icons next to the menu
Add an iconbar containing usefull navigational icons using the new iconbar add-on.

Hide dividers and navbars
...while a child panel is opened in the iconPanels add-on or the menu is collapsed in the sidebar add-on.

Renewed searchfield
Check out the new search panel in the renewed searchfield add-on.

Tabs in a navbar
Add tabs to a navbar with the renewed navbars add-on, great for combining multiple menus in a single menu.

Sketch design file
Download the mmenu Sketch design file and start integrating mmenu in your designs.

Bootstrap wrapper

Added in version 5.7, updated for Bootstrap 4 in version 7.0
With the Bootstrap wrapper, it is super-easy to use mmenu on a Bootstrap navbar collapse.

Give it a go, hit the orientation-icon to toggle the Bootstrap navbar.

The changelog

For the full list of all changes, go ahead and check out changelog page.