New in 6.1

Support for screen readers

Included in the core and enabled by default:
The screenReader add-on adds support for screen readers and now also enables other add-ons to do the same.

Responsive extensions

Activate extensions only for specified media queries.
For responsive purposes, all extensions can be (de)activated when (un)matching a media query using the new responsive option.


Because not everybody speaks English ;)
With the new translations files, it is super-easy to localize your menu.

Custom build

Customize the CSS and JS
Utilizing the power of taskrunner Gulp, creating a customized version of the mmenu plugin is now easier than ever before. Override SCSS variables and concatenate only the .css and .js files you need into a custom build.

Options, extensions and add-ons

We've added a few new options, extensions and add-ons.
Go ahead and check out the effects and listview extensions and the pageScroll add-on.

On page scrolling
Enable smooth scrolling to a section on the current page with the pageScroll add-on.

Detailed styling for listviews
Add some more detailed styling to the listviews in your menu with the new listview extension.

New effects
Give the new "slide up" and "none" effects a try in the updated effects extension.

Sketch design file
Download the mmenu Sketch design file and start integrating mmenu in your designs.

Under the hood

You probably won't notice much different...
But we actually spent quite some time on refactoring and improving how stuff works:

  • Rearranged file structure and introduced the "core".
  • Improved and unified API hooks.
  • Split up how panels are created into smaller parts of code.
  • Rewrote and improved how panels are opened and closed.

Bootstrap wrapper

Added in version 5.7, for tabs, pills and navbars.
With the Bootstrap wrapper, it is super-easy to use mmenu on Bootstrap tabs, pills and navbars.

Give it a go, hit the orientation-icon to toggle the Bootstrap navbar.

The changelog

For the full list of all changes, go ahead and check out changelog page.