New in 5.7

Bootstrap wrapper

For tabs, pills and navbars.
With the new Bootstrap wrapper, it is now super-easy to use mmenu on Bootstrap tabs, pills and navbars.

Give it a go, hit the orientation-icon to toggle the Bootstrap navbar.

Options, extensions and add-ons

We've added a few new options, extensions and add-ons.
Go ahead and check out the shadows extension and the drag, RTL and setSelected add-ons.

Keyboard accessible
Enable navigating the menu wih a keyboard to improve accessibility with the keyboardNavigation add-on.

RTL support
In version 5.7, we've added support for right-to-left languages with the new RTL add-on.

Lazy load submenus
Give the lazySubmenus add-on a try if your menu is nothing less of huge. It'll speed up creating the menu up to 300%.

Drag and swipe
With the new drag add-on, you can drag the menu open and swipe to close a panel.

Add shadows
Add a shadow to the page and panels with the new shadows extension.

Detect the current item
Just set current: "detect" for the setSelected add-on to detect the current menu item based on the URL.

Browser support

Backward compattible for IE9.
Due to increasing usage in desktop-websites -and therefor older browsers-, the jQuery.mmenu plugin is now backward compattible for browsers that don't support CSS3 translate3D.

WordPress wrapper

We've fixed an issues with the wp-adminbar.
Go ahead and check out the framework wrappers.

License changed

As of version 5.6, the jQuery.mmenu plugin is licensed under the CC-BY-NC-4.0 license.
You are free to use the jQuery.mmenu plugin for your personal or non-profit website and you can purchase a license if you want to use it in a commercial website.

Coming soon

Don't hold your breath, but we've working on some amazing new options, extensions and add-ons.

  • Better support for one-page websites.
  • Translations / internationalisation.
  • Improved navbars including tabs.
  • Fast-click to remove the 300ms delay on touch devices.
  • Improved iconBar and iconPanels.

Updating from an older version
Have a look at the problem solving page and try using the debugger.

The changelog
For the full list of all changes, go ahead and check out changelog page.