Concatenate files

The best approach to include the CSS for multiple extensions or add-ons in your webpage, is to create a new .css file generated by SCSS. To do so, start off by creating a new (empty) .scss file and @import the needed .scss files. For example, if you're using only the "navbars" and "searchfield" add-ons.

/* in custom-mmenu.scss */
@import "path/to/src/css/jquery.mmenu";
@import "path/to/src/addons/navbars/jquery.mmenu.navbars";
@import "path/to/src/addons/searchfield/jquery.mmenu.searchfield";

Now all you need to do, is run Sass from the command line.

sass path/to/custom-mmenu.scss path/to/custom-mmenu.css